2014-01-09 20.56.51

The Battle Cruiser Being Absorbed

"Out in Deep Space, a large science vessel passes by a freigter of an unknown origin. It seems to be being absorbed by an meteor of sorts, the rough textured tendrels wrapping themselves slowly around the freighter. The Captain scanned the length of the ship, and sighed. 'The damned fools, probably trying to mine for minerals...' The Captain then leaned over and told Navigation to keep moving, with one more quick glance at the ship on the view screen."

Hey guys, I know I haven't added a creation in a while, so here's something to make up for it. This is a small creation that i've been working on. It's basically a cruiser that encountered a large organism out in space, and is now permanetly grounded. I'll be working on and adding more to it in the future.

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