This Creation was made by Dak47922.

Mountain island 04

The mountain area is on the top left

Mountain island 01

This is the first thing I saw

Mountain island 02

One of the many giant floating islands (Sorry about the fog)

Mountain island 05

A large overhang/archway

Mountain island 06

some of the numerous water and lava springs

Mountain island 03

An intimidating tower soaring into the sky

(After further exploration I discovered that this might not be an island.)

I was exploring the ocean on my survival island world, when I came across the most amazing natural scenery I have ever seen in Minecraft. Technically speaking it is an extreme mountain biome on an island, but that makes it seem a little too... ordinary. This place is anything but ordinary. It contains floating islands, giant archways, lava springs, and a good amount of wildlife.I cant explain it better than these pictures, so just take a look.

The seed is: 761901369131881790

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