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Baker Mansion

The Baker Mansion was created by Austin in the Covalt Estates. It was his first house and is one of the biggest houses in the Estates. It took a weekend to build was the second house built on the estates.

Layout of the Mansion

The Baker Mansion consists of two floors connected by a Grand staircase. Two wings branch off from the center of the house creating symmetry. There are two bedrooms(with bathrooms) that are located on the second floor, two dens located on each floor, a bar on the second floor, a kitchen, library, a pool room, and a study located under the Grand staircase. The house is surrounded by Spruce evergreens.

The Fire

When Austin was roaming on the Estates he discovered his Mansion was on fire at the back of the west wing. Austin contacted Jacob and it turned out the Mansion was on fire on his phone as well.The fire engulfed the west wing before any of them knew it. Jacob made a huge sacrifice and restarted the map, deleting his newly made modern house. Jacob repaired the fireplace in the second floor den and the mansion was fixed. Austin constructed the Weigand Monument in Carverston Memorial Park in honor of his sacrifice.

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