This Creation was made by Luisluna74.


An Ememergency Water Tower, or EWT, is used to extinguish nearby fires. It consists of three layers. It can be used repeatedly.

Building Materials

  1. Item Frame - This is needed to hold the water bucket.
  2. Water Bucket - This is needed to extinguish fires.
  3. Bright Blocks (3) - This could be wool blocks, snow blocks, birch blocks and other bright blocks.
  4. Redstone Torch - This is used to mark the EWT.
  5. Sign - This is used to label this EWT an EWT.


Bulding is very simple.

  1.  Place the three bright blocks on each other.
  2. Place redstone torch on the top.
  3. Place the item on the side of the second block.
  4. Place the sign on the third block on the side the item frame is on and type:


Emergency Water Tower"

5. Place water bucket inside the item frame.


When there is a large fire you cannot punch out, find an EWT and follow these steps.

  1. Find an EWT.
  2. Break the item frame and take the water bucket.
  3. Use the water bucket on the fire.
  4. Refill the water bucket.
  5. Place the item frame back on the EWT and place the water bucket.
  6. Repeat these steps when there is another fire.

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