This Creation was made by j4kob123.

Extreme hills house tower is an home tower in top of extreme hills

General description

The house is on the top of extreme hills mountain and it has 4 floors,plus a basement and attic.

List of Sections


The basement is made of stone and stone bricks. It has several trapdoors for shelves. There are also there are few empty chests in there a  short hallway which leads to a balcony. The balcony got fences for not falling down, a couch made from oak wood stairs and glowstone light.

First floor

The first floor is lounge/living room. It's made of red wool and oak wood planks. It has an elevated sitting area with couch and a table in the non-elevated area there is a table. There is also a couch and a large tv also there is small wardrobe and few bookshelves.

Second floor

The second floor has a kitchen and bathroom. It's made of wool and oak wood planks. The kitchen has 2 furnaces, 2 crafting tables, trapdoors for shelves, a large chest and glowstone for lighting the bathroom got a toilet (which I got from pocket edition furniture app), a sink made of cauldron and lever and a bathtub made of stone slabs and water.

Third floor

The third floor is a study/library. It's made of wool and oak wood planks. It's got big bookshelves with ladders, a desk made of 3 upside down oak wood planks where there is a chest computer and a crafting table, a chair for sitting and painting with chest for colors.

Fourth floor

The fourth floor is a bedroom. It's made of wool and oak wood planks it got two crafting tables, king bed, some bookshelves and a drawer with a chest and a flower.


The Attic is made of wool and oak wood stairs. It's simalar to a basement, as it has trapdoor shelves and chests for storage but it also has a window on the front side a ladder can be used to get to the roof garden.

Roof garden

The roof garden can be acessed by the wooden door in the chimney. It has an bench and small farm with 3 seed types


  • the back of the house
  • the front of the house
  • the left side of the house
  • the right side of the house
  • the balcony
  • the basement
  • first floor(lounge/living room)
  • second floor(kitchen)
  • second floor(bathroom)
  • third floor(study/library)
  • fourth floor(bedroom)
  • the attic of the house
  • the roof garden
  • the chimney

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