This Creation was made by Dak47922.

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So many mushrooms!!!

I guess I will be the person to post the very first Xbox creation here on this website! Since this version of Minecraft only came out a few days ago it is still full of bugs and funny quirks. I was playing the world that is generated for the tutorial. Once I had finished the tutorial, I decided to use the castle has my house. After playing for a while I decided to go explore the world a bit more. All of a sudden I came across this red mushroom patch. Since I am not sure if the tutorial world this generated the exact same as everyone else's I don't know but you might be able to find this mushroom patch your self if it is the same. It is interesting because all of these mushrooms were natural I didn't plant any of them. I cant decide whether to destroy them and make mushroom soup or leave them there. Many people may be complaining about the Xbox editions lack of features at the moment but I think it's going to shape up to be a very good game port of the original PC version. Thank you Mojang and 4J Studios!

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