This Creation was made by Adam9812.

 Fort 9812 was built mainly for the survival of Adam9812 in survival mode. It has a fairly modern look and can house many people at once. It's construction was done in segments as the in room was built way before the second room was built.


The front view of "Fort 9812".

Image rut retiree

The main room


Fort 9812 has many rooms. They are:

  • Main Room
  • Farm (Outside)

    Fort 9812's farm

  • Second Room
  • View Room (Outside)

    The view obtained by the view room.


  • Fort 9812 slightly resembles Fortbuscus by Tobuscus. This is because the Creator watched Tobuscus' Minecraft videos while planning Fort 9812.
  • The farm of Fort 9812 was destroyed twice by creepers and both times needed buckets to help repair it.
  • The entrence sign of Fort 9812 says it's name in both English and Talossan.

    Fort 9812 entrance sign(s) ENGLISH: Fort 9812 TALOSSAN: Castaglha da 9812

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