The Village In A Nutshell

This village was originally built for fun, but now it is moving into higher stages. It has moved from a personal creation, to being a soon to be an RPG map (if backed by popular demand...). As I have improved, so has the village.
S 1

Beta 1.8 Fortifica with Shaders. (Please Excuse The Chunk Errors, my computer doesn't handle shaders very well. :/)

S 2

Me on the beach, with two hands. :>

I have recently installed the Shaders Mod, and will use it when taking Screenshots. Excuse Chunk Errors, I am running an Asus, not made for gaming. :/ (Note: Screenshots are taken with a texturepack of my own creation which I am not ready to release, and not of the Shaders.)
2013-07-04 15.34.45

Fortifica in Beta.

Here are the credits:

- CT_7890 === Village Building and Planning

-Dak47922 === Village Name and Technical Support

-The Toxic === Support and Overall Bronyus Outputer

-OneTruDude83 === Close Personal Friend and Technical                          Support

-ConwayCraft === Introduced Me To Minecraft

UPDATE: 1.7.6b

I've started updating shops, and adding surrounding landmarks.

+ Pasted Village Into New World. (Using WorldPaint)

+ Added New 'Shilling' Item. Is Used For Trading In Villages. (Gold Nugget)

+ Added Surrounding Smaller Villages

+ Villagers Now Have Nameplates

- Removed Herobrine

- The Above Line Is Bulls#it

- Mojang Removed Him In 1.6

- This Changelog Now Has No Purpose

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