The Rusiev Class Frigate, Built At The Myiicon Drive Yards, Then Finished In Drydock, This 356 Meter Science Crusier was released as a prototype in October 12, 2113.

2014-02-02 17.20.08

Rusiev Class TMS Loregati

Hello guys, if you've noticed, this is the secone major overhaul of this creations page. I've added alot more to the ship, and detailed schematics are to come in the future.
2014-01-20 13.47.54

Side View.

Update List:

UPDATE: 0.017a

I've decided that if someone wants to edit this, I will take you're edit and use MCEdit to edit your edit into the edit. (That statment was retarted...) . I will continue to work on le general shape however, this will not effect anyones edit that I will add. I will also leave credits on this page and the room that the edit is in. Just wanted to make that clear.

UPDATE: 1.05b

I've added a lot of features, such as a main hallway, and am now working on the Science Wing and Medbay. I plan on adding a way to use Archemedies Ship Mod, and i might and something to do with Computcraft.

UPDATE: 2.06b

I've corrupted the world slightly, so I have to rebuild a large portion of the saucer section, but other than that, all is well. It is estimated to have five future decks, and 30 main rooms.

UPDATE: 3.07b

Alot more has bgeen added to the ship, aswell, the 1.8 release will bring quite alot more. Curently being built in Snapshot 14w05b, the new stone types are being incorperated. Oddly enough, the screenshots were taken with the new /gamemode 3.

2014-02-02 17.59.10

Top View.

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