This Creation was made by ICan'tStop.

Hello guys, hopefully this site becomes active again,wishing for more contributors and active audiences but anyway I made a new creation, so far so good, this page will package two of my LATEST.


 This Project:KINO aims to build a small,simple and ordinary farm for my new MEAT SHOPPE, which will I be posting as soon as possible. I am actually the type of Player who does his screenshots like a photographer, hopefully it may come true.
  • A still photo of the Moon in Moartex skin.
  • My storage room/ alt. home.
  • You'll see the structure is made of checkered empty blocks.
  • The entrance to my alt. home
  • A professional skyshot.
  • The whole view of the construction.
  • Left side-view of the place.
  • Skyward screenshot.
  • Inside upward view of structure.

So guys, any:




Feel free to do so, by either posting on my message wall or commenting. Every charachter and letter WILL AND WOULD count like a stack of 64-emeralds.

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