This Creation was made by Adam9812.

Lava furnaces are functional and easy to create in survival or creative. They can be used as incinerators or for starting massive fires without flint and steel.


A lava furnace not in use NOTE: you can make it out of cobble to make it easier if you are in survival


Creating Lava Furnaces is fairly simple. You need:

  • A non flammable block (to build the furnace)
  • A lava bucket
  • Flammable Blocks (optional)
First to create a lava furnace you must build a chamber made of your non flammable blocks. If you want to start a fire put your flammable blocks in a tower form in the chamber. Then you can optionally build pipes leading to the chamber. Pour lava from the pipes or directly into the chamber.

Lava Furnace in use

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