Important This creation is no longer being worked on.

It has either been abandoned or has moved to a new page.

This Creation was made by Commander Starter.

2012-08-23 19.45.35

Leivaville, Good enough for the Yogscast? :)

'  The polished penny of Minecraftia!'

- CT_7890

One of my more prised creations, I present to you... Leivaville! A modified village for fun, and fun it was. Several things were added, and changed. Such as a large Border Wall, and a fort and library, as there was not one spawned. Many building were added, and it is still in progress. For a list, here are the changes; NOTE: This is Leviaville, renamed Fortifica, V1. For the most recent version, check the new page. This is only left here for nostalgic purposes, and wil no longer be updated. Again, please check the new page for updates.

2012-08-25 19.35.24

Library Notice skylight.

2012-08-25 19.35.59

Armory/Fort Villagers particularly like it.

New Library
  1. 8 Bookshelves
  2. Upper level
  3. Skylight


  1. Chests with Weapons
  2. Upper Level
  3. Gaurds

​VOID:This creation is no longer part of the project. It has been replaced by two smaller homes. Progress can not be haulted, and this is no exception. The main fort will be replaced by an connected guard shack (the guards call it "a lower class home") attached to the outside walls, along with border towers.

2012-08-25 19.36.27

Large Home Note Chimney

Large Home
  1. Fireplace
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining Room
2012-08-25 19.37.46

St.Creepers Church Note Graveyard.

  1. Pews and Stand
  2. Piano
  3. Bell Tower

There is a large Border Wall that runs along the border of the village. It is 4-Blocks tall and 1-Block wide, And has a large welcoming arch at the front.

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This is a link to download it via Mediafire . This is not the current version. This is for viewing puposes.

(For Dak: If this creation is to be Augmented, please dont use this download yet.)

Update: Map Is 57% Done!

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