The Magna Clan Base, is the main meeting place and area for members of the Magna Clan.


The base is built on a high mountain however, a lower portion of the base allows for entry without climbing up the large mountain. The base has a very complex exterior as well as a Enchantment Area located outside the base due to size. Despite being placed on a mountain, the base is quite large.


There are many important rooms featured inside the base. Here is a quick rundown on the most important of said rooms.

Meeting Place: The Meeting Place is where all the important decisions are made by the three or four main clan members.

Armory: Here, all the weapons and armor are stored as well as extra bows for the arrow.

AmericaRacing89's Room: This is where AmericaRacing89 stores his important items and where he enjoys to spend his time when not fighting Creepers. His pet chicken and cow are also featured here as well as the cat, Oreo.

MimseyLord212's Room: MimseyLord212's Room is considered to be one of the best rooms in the entire base. His pet chicken is located here as well as his famed Creeper helmet.

ZackAttack906's Room: This is where ZackAttack906 spends his free-time.

Pig Training: In this area, new clan members practice their skills with the Clan Pig.



  • The map and base is only played with the Mass Effect Texture Pack enabled.

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