This Creation was made by 1-ek.

Maple Pony mini

"Haha! The avatar has been doubled!"

This is a tribute to a person on Tumblr, Minecrafting her mini avatar. From corner to corner, it's 94m (around 308 feet and 5 inches), to 84m (around 275 feet and 7 inches) a total of 7896 square meters (around 84991 square feet and 120 square inches). I am assuming that every block is one meter.

Following blocks were used:

Black Wool - Glasses

Brown Wool - Mane/hair; cutie mark

Emerald Block - Body

Green wool - Cutie mark

Gray wool - Glasses

Ice - Shading

Light Gray Wool - Glasses

Lime Wool - Body (outline)

Spruce Wood - Mane/hair (outline)

White Wool - Eyes

Yellow Wool - Eyes' iris

External links

WARNING: If you are allergic (or don't like them) to ponies, do not click this link


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