A Minecart Ride connected to a Hotel. 
IMG 20150612 184057

Minecart Rollercoaster

A quick Minecart Ride which connects to the hotel, but tons of deaths came, because when I put Villagers on the Minecarts, they die during the ride up. There's another Minecart ride inside of the Minecart Rollercoaster, which is the shortest ride ever, but other mobs on the carts die, too. (Except for the Sheep.) 

The Lucky Duck Hotel

It was to be like StampyLongCat's Hotel o' Dreams but got canceled for me. 1 Room per floor (except Level 4). It has a "Sky Garden", and a Buffet Room. There are 7 levels and plus the first level, The Lobby. It also has a balcony.

IMG 20150612 184119

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