This Creation was made by Dak47922.

House dak47922

The city I live in is built on an ocean

This is my current multiplayer home. The building on the left is my actual house. The building on the right is my both a shop on the bottom floor, and a mob spawner on the second floor. The redstone lamps that are seen act as an indicator, when they are on my mob spawner is inactive. If they are off I am farming mobs.
Interior dak47922

The door on the left leads to my store's stock room

On the interior I have a dining table made out of stairs, fences, and pressure plates.
Backyard dak47922

The backyard

In the backyard I have two rows of sugarcane. These sugarcane act as a source of income, I craft them into paper and sell them at $30 dollars each. I use the lily-pads to prevent the dropped sugarcane from falling into the water.
Upstairs dak47922


On the upper floor of my house is where mobs are funneled to a single point. The redstone circuit controls the lights in my mob spawner, mobs will only spawn if the lights are off. There is a single chest dedicated to all of the mob drops I collect. I also sell a lot of the mob drops on my shop.

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