This Creation was made by Luisluna74.


Basically, mushroom towers are huge brown mushrooms that can be modifed so they can be used as a watch tower. They have many other uses other than being a watch tower.

Basic Construction

The basic construction of a mushroom tower is very simple. First of all, you'll need a huge brown mushroom.

  • Stem - Place ladders on one side of the stem. Place trapdoors on the top of the ladder if you like.
  • Top - Place a block on the empty corners of the top and place torches. Place other torches near the middle as well.


These are the uses and changes you can do on a mushroom tower. Use the basic construction.

  • Watch Tower - Archer players stay on the mushroom. The mushroom tower does not need to be modified.
  • House - Replace the corner torches with a fence post. Place blocks to make a roof. Remember to place torches.
  • Farm - Place dirt on the mushroom top. Place water between the dirt, hoe the dirt and so on. Make sure the water can be blocked so it does not leak.
  • Evacuation Tower - Roof the mushroom (described on the House modification). Place chests that contain food, weapons, armor and so on. To make this place more secure, remember to keep it well lit to prevent mobs from spawning in or near the evacuation tower.

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