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PandaBoy2288 Edition

 The Oval Racetrack, is a racetrack creation made by AmericaRacing89 and PandaBoy2288. The track is mainly used for the MASCAR and MARCA Racing Series and resembles that of a standard 1.5 mile oval track used in NASCAR such as Atlanta Motor Speedway or Texas Motor Speedway.


The PandaBoy2288 version of the track features more of a full infield unlike AmericaRacing89's version. The track also features lights for night racing as well as a better made Victory Lane and exterior


The AmericaRacing89 features a much different infield with a little less to see but with different drivers listed on the track as well as a different version of the flag stand.


Despite some minor differences, both tracks are very similar and any race fan will enjoy taking a tour.


  • Both creators have also made/making a road course variant.

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