This is a Creation by IsaiahScribblenauts!


The PitFall Trap is a great anti-theft trap!


You need:

  • Redstone Dust
  • 6 Blue Wool
  • 6 Sticky Pistons
  • 2 Redstone Torches
  • 1 Large Trapped Chest
    • 2 Trapped Chests placed toghether

Other Tips

  • After the redstone is ran from the torches to the sticky pistons on each side, placing a block on top of the torch will activate them
  • The Trapped Chests atmits a redstone charge if opened, making it a great anti-theft device!

Things to Know

  • You need to also blend in the floor that's pushed with the right block
  • When done, you need to hide the redstone so it is unknown


This uses lava, if this is atempted, be careful with the lava!


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