This Creation was made by The Toxic.

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All the things I've made were cheesy, but this one I made is one of my best projects! I've made it for Survival reasons.I've put a link down there, go download it if you like it.


Well, once I was very bored, and I had nothing to do, I've created a new world and found a place to build something...Suddenly, I've got an inspiration! I've done that house in about 2-4 days, so it took lots of work.



  • The used texture pack is: Dokucraft (Light).
  • There are some roleplaying zones.
  • Also, it has a little "quiz", if you win it, you'll get and EXP reward.


1.0-Added map, made house.

1.1-Made a more detailed house.

1.2-Made a giant wall with fire and netherrack to protect from monsters.

1.3-Made roleplaying areas.

1.4-Made a new EXP quiz.

1.5-(Actual Version)Changed all signs to English, added secrets.

1.6- Work in Progress, trying to improve everything and make it look better.

Link to Download

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