This Creation was made by Commander Starter.


The S.S. Pritchard, well most of it anyway...

2012-12-19 12.52.22

The wrecked hull, you can see the name.

2012-12-19 12.52.56

A sad memento left on the wreck.

2012-12-19 12.53.21

An overview. Notice the debris on the beach.

This is a view on another feature of my @$%# Village Map. This is the wreck of  the ship the people came in to colonize in the new world. (Where have we heard that before...). Hope you like it!

(P.S. This feature is part of a WIP Map, it is a sneak peek of what is yet to come!)

Update: Map Is 57% Done!

2012-12-22 16.22.11

The River Void. A dangerous place! >:)

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