This Creation was made by Melie3 and Adam9812.

Shady Beach Hotel
Shady Beach

Type of Building


Amount of Hotel Rooms


The Shady Beach Hotel is a hotel. It has 11 hotel rooms and three types of them. It also has a garden, kitchen, water park, and dock.


  • The waterpark
  • The rooftop garden
  • The kitchen

Types of Rooms

There many types of rooms at Shady Beach


Regular is a standard hotel room.

Regular SB

A regular room


  • 4x4x3 Room
    • Painting
    • Bed
    • Small Bookshelf


Luxury is a larger room with a balcony, only found upstairs.

Luxury SB

A luxury room

  • 5x5x3 Room
    • Bed
    • Painting
    • Table Lamp
    • Bookshelf
  • Balcony


  • The original(not this one) Shady Beach Hotel was converted from a house.

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