This Creation was made by Raniero R.


This pixlized art is of a popular meme character of the Dolan Duck series. It was crafted and completed by Nero on the 20/05/2013 under speed art circumstances which took 1 hour, 22 minutes to complete. The piece was done on the Xbox 360 Edition and with the default texture pack.
Blocks used:

  • Black Wool
  • Red Wool
  • Brown Wool
  • White Wool
  • Light Grey Wool
  • Nether Brick
  • Block Of Iron
  • Snow


It is characterized by poorly done drawing and words spelled incorrectly. The design of the meme is often adapted for other iconic characters such as Hitler or Kratos. No one knows the exact origin, but many say that it was because a child posted his drawing of Spider-Man in a Brazilian forum, but it was a very poorly done drawing, just like the figure of the meme, and, as if not enough, the child wrote “Spoderman” rather than “Spider-man”, and posted a topic poorly written, full of mistakes in Portuguese (the language of the forum). Therefore, all involving the meme is written as the child wrote on the topic

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