This Creation was made by Pulse daemon.

Stone brick creeper-full 3d 1
This statue was made to resemble a Creeper, and it also resembles an AT-AT. It's dimensions are not proportional to a Creeper. This statue is very easy to make. Not much time is required to construct it.
Required Material:
  • 66 Stone Bricks
  • 3 Stone Brick Slabs
  • 12 Stone Brick Stairs
Note: Any kind of slab, brick, and stairs can be used.

How It Happened

Stone brick creeper-face 2d

2D Model

I was tying to make pizza ovens in Minecraft. I then wondered if one could make a face with a combination of stairs and slabs. My love of Creepers forced me to modify the face. It didn't look perfect, but I wanted to keep it simple.

In-wall Model

Stone brick creeper-full 2d
After making the face, I made the body. I was planning to put this in some ruins.

Last Step

I made a 3D model of the head on the ground, and decided that the head would be 3x3x3. I first made a simple pedestal with double stone slabs. I made the legs with stairs and double slabs. The height of the statue remained the same (or perhaps diminished by 1 block). The body was simple to make because it was a rectangular prism. I followed with the neck AKA a block. The head was then reconstructed.


  • Concept Art
  • Concept Art
  • A desert version

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