Castle 3

Le most glorious shot I could take of it, and during a sunrise nontheless.

Castle 1

This is me in Survival, showing off the front. And Yes, I have two hands. C:

Hai Guys, I thought I'd show you this as it is a very important build to me. It is a giant Castle I built as a Survival Home in 1.8, and have been adding on to since. It took quite a long time to build, and that's why I am proud to call it one of the best things I've ever done. It has two main towers, which are equal in size. It also has a potion tower, Armoury, which is at the back, and the tallest, the Enchanting Tower. And I'm still adding on to it. It's always missing something.

Epic Quick Story Fun Time

I generated this world back in 1.8, and close to the 1.9 Beta prerelease. I spawned at a Village, which I still use sometimes as my home. I then moved East, and started building it. So yea, s'perfect. So, I hope to keep expanding this, and make it reach for blocks and blocks... I hope this sufficed, and please, I have two hands, so don't question my amazing feats of impossibilites.

Castle 2

A Side-Shot, showing it in all of it's Shaderfied glory.

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