This Creation was made by Dak47922.

Well it's been months and months in the making but I've finally finished my biggest pixel art EVER!!! It is a picture of Taiga Aisaka. If you don't know who that is read below! It's dimensions are 300 blocks wide and 300 blocks long, making the total blocks used a whopping ninety-thousand! I spent the time placing every block by hand, but I did use software to tell me which block to place. I used the following image to regenerate the layout:


The image I used as a guide is too big to put on this page, but you can view it here . If you zoom in on that image you can see that it is made up of Minecraft blocks! From this image I knew what block to place.

Below are some pictures of it in minecraft!

2012-11-19 21.31.52
2012-11-19 21.32.47

I had trouble getting it to generate all the chunks because it is so BIG!

Who is Taiga Aisaka?

Taiga Aisaka is a character in the Japanese Anime: Toradora! (とらドラ) You can read more about her at:

The Toradora Wiki

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