Wergon Tower



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This Creation was made by Adam9812.

The Wergon Tower's main purpose is to be the tallest building on Minecraft. Its construction is complete but will start up again in 0.9.0 when height limits are raised but an exception to this is Additions.

Although height is its' main purpose it isn't featureless on the inside. It has a library, glowstone computer lab, painting gallery and couches. It even has a view deck and theatre. Next to Wergon, is a tributary tower called the Ura Tower.


As of today, the Wergons' Construction mainly consists of additions which add extra rooms, decor, etc. These additions are lettered instead of numbered.

List of Additions:

  • Addition A: Added Room and moved Spire
  • Addition B: Added offices
  • Addition C: Added Wergon Theatre
    • Addition CI: Added Extra room and Talossan Flag.
  • Addition D: Added Skywalk and outside paths.
  • Addition E: Connected Skywalk to the Ura Tower
    • Addition EI:Filled and decorated more Rooms


Main article:Wergon Server

The Wergon Tower has a server, so people can visit it. To protect it from Greifers, the server is private. So far 2 people were invited. Such people are invited via Game Center.


The theatre is the third addition. Many movies play here. So far 2 movies have played.

Movies Played:

  • Animal Mayhem
  • Animal Mayhem 2:Cow Catastrophe



  • Its original name was the "Up Tower" but was changed upon the creation of this wiki page.
  • The Wergon Tower is shorter than Radio Tower 1 but it is disputed whether that counts, as Radio Tower 1 isn't a building.
  • Construction is done (except for additions) due to height limits they will go up in 0.9.0 so more floors will be added.

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