The Wergon Tower has a server so people can visit it. To protect it from Greifers, the server is private. So far 2 people were invited. Such people are invited via Game Center.

How to Join

Note:you must have Game Center and the Ultimate Multiplayer to join!

If you have Game Center, friend me:Adam9812. Then you can comment below asking to get invited and say your Game Center name. Then go on the ultimate multiplayer app and go on Private Servers. You should see the Wergon Tower server.

Future Schedule

Currently there is no schedule to host the server.


In. Order to keep the Wergon Tower a fun place to go rules must be set. The first time a rule is broken will result in a kick. You may rejoin but if you break another rule you will get banned. Some rules result in an instantaneous ban.

  • DO NOT place or destroy blocks. (Instaban)
  • DO NOT spam or cuss on chat.
  • DO NOT kill or hit any mobs or players. (Killing mobs or players will result in Instaban)
  • DO NOT use any chat commands to destroy or hinder another player's experience.
    • This does not mean you can't use commands altogether. You can change your own game mode.

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