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Welcome to the Minecraft Creations Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to provide a place where Minecraft players can come together and share the imaginative and purely amazing creations they have made. Become a member of our community and share your creation today!

Be sure to read the Rules for Submission before you post your creation. For general help see Category:Help

We currently have 0 active contributors, a total of 3,698 edits and 1 Augmented Reality Creations!


Your creation should always be put onto at least one of these categories.


35 creations

Wood stairs
Large Scale Creations

22 creations


Minecarts and Rails
4 creations

Mob spawner

Farms and Grinders
11 creations


Natural Formation
10 creations

Steve 3d

Pixel Art
7 creations

Redstone Ore

9 creations


15 creations

If your creation is not classified here it is assumed it is in the over-world.

0 creations

End Portal Frame
The End
0 creations

If your creation is not classified here it is assumed it is in the PC version.

Pocket edition logo
Pocket Edition
17 creations

Minecraft xbox edition
Console Edition
9 creations

How to post your creation03:21

How to post your creation

This video explains the steps to upload your own creation.

Did you know?

  • ...that signs originally displayed preset text?
  • ...that when a pig gets struck by lightning, it turns into a zombie pigman?
  • ...that one day in Minecraft is 20 minutes long?

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