Hey guys, I belive you remember me mentioning a project I was working on. Welp, this is the beta result. I might use this as part of a Youtube Banner. But basically, what you're looking at, is a picture of me, Dakota, and Toxic, getting ready to kick ass.

The picture, from the left: Dakota, Pritchard, Toxic.

I drew each of these as a rough sketch, transfered them, then added colour with Gimp. Gordon Freeman, by far, was the hardest to draw. Toxic was interesting, because I had to resist the urge to try to draw him as a pony. :3 But anyway, I couldn't really think of what to give Dakota, so I just settled with a Classic Crowbar, which seems fitting. I have never really seen anyone on here with a weapon, so I then gave Toxic an Iron sword. What Im holding? That would be some raw god-given power by no other than, Herobrine himself. TL,DR? He's my friend. c: But Im rather pleased with this, and I hope you guys are to. If you would like to be added to the picture, have a custom weapon, or want to be removed, comment down below, or send me a message. Be sure to give Constructive-Critisism also. I'll be doing, in the theme of this, an art series. Im thinking of doing Screenshot Art next. Now, to catch up on my sleep shedual.

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