O Hai All, Well I've noticed some people have commented on the lack of activity on the Wiki. I'm guilty of it myself, and due to people having lives of there own, and other parts of Teh Interwebs not having an EXIT door, AND Dak working on a Starbound Wiki, the Wiki is in danger of taking a Snooze. So, I ask all Guests And Members alike, help out the Wiki, by posting Moar Creations! I will try to do so also, but with school starting back up, I don't have an unlimited Free-Time Slot Fer Teh Wiki, and I'm sure this is similar with other people. So just try to visit Teh Wiki every once and awile, and keep it happy. Or it will hunt you down... Thanks for your time. Now, go back to Playing Starmade.

- -= PritchardCraft =- 14:42, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

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