Hello all, welcome to my first Blog in quite a while. Well, it's time to rant a bit, let's start out with the 1.6 Update. Mojang Specifications Released an April Fools Update, including Pink Withers, Tinted Glass, and Burnt Out Torches. In my opinion, every thing but the torches, and a few other things(Referencing The Fish Senario), were actually good ideas. But anyway, many viewed that it was a filler, priming people up for the Update. Well, in the new update, Jens has finally promised us horses! Currtesy of the creator of Mo' Creatures, the have added our equestrian friends to the game! They currently have no sounds, but I'm sure Jens will come up with something great. But, another feature, is a brand new launcher, designed by Dinnerbone. It will include a new feature, allowing you to change your game version. I mean, d@mn guys, that's a great idea! But, as Dak will know, I've been setting up a wiki with download links for seeds that won't work in the new versions. But seeing how this feature is coming out, I think it is pointless now. I might do something with it, but it is unlikly. But to be honest with you, this idea is 10x Better! Congrats to Mojang, and hope that the new release is met with a warm light. That's all for now, see you guys later!


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