Hello all, and contrary to what you may belive, I haven't died a horrible death as of late, causing my ghost to be coded into the Wiki, eternaly listening to this. I've actually been trying to get my PC back up and running after I broke the graphics renderer by patching a few files, causing it to BSOD every 5 minutes. But I wiped the drive after backing everything up. And I think you'll find that my PC is somewhat operational! But I'll be getting a new one soon, so I should be good until then. I've also been caught up with school work, and working on side projects. What projects you may ask? Well... This Thing. 

Le Thing

This Thing...

But As well, I've been doing a few things to that ship, such as cleaning up the shape of the thing. Also, I found out what's wrong with my Internet Connection, as well as broadband, so I should be able to play MP soon. And I think that's about it, so have nice day, and don't trip and fall on flat surfaces.

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