For some people, being able to access Minecraft is not a option. Some don't have the money to spend on it. Others try to beat the system. Which for the most part, dosen't work. But i think I have discovered a new way to access it. By using MCPatcher, which I THINK works. Thats why I am asking you peoples to help. By using the methods below, try them and report to me. Here is how to do it:

1) Download Minecraft.exe from here

2) Download MCPatcher 2.4.3_04 from here

3) Open MCPatcher

4) Click Test Minecraft

5) ENJOY!!!

I am sure this works, but please test it and get back to me. CT_7890 over and out. P.S. This article is for Guests or newcomers on the Wiki, so Ops ignore. ;) (Note: This method can not give you a username, it gives you the number player609, so beware!)

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