Hai Thar everyone, I know this hasn't anything to do with MC, but I came across, as the title suggests, the most epic comment train ever in existance. It is a DAT comment train, and is 2 Months Old. I found it while listening to Epic Sax Guy 10 Hours, (I Made It 3.5 Hours). but anyway, this comment train should go down in the books. take the time to participate in Comment Chain to make sure it is not forgotton. Here's the link:

-={ Epic Sax Guy: Now With Moar Comment Chains! }=-

Take care guys, and be sure to click 'Show the Comment' fer an Epic Adventurez!

NOTE: I forgot to say that you MAY have forgotton to mensoin that you have to go down ( V ) a bit to find it. If you know how to post a link so it starts of at a comment, message meh. Thx

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