Recently, MojangAB has given confirmation at Minecon of the 1.5 Redstone Update. This is something I think is very worthwhile. Marc and Jens have released a statement that they are going to be focusing more on fixing various bugs, not on the features, of the game. This was the purpose of 1.4.7, fixing a large bug that caused arrows fired from Dispensers to crash the client. So that has grabbed their interest mainly. And even that time has been taken up by one, Xbox 360 and Android/iOS support of the game, and two, MojangAB's newest game, Cobalt, which is currently in it's Alpha Stage. This is a common misconception, that MojangAB's main focus is Minecraft. Seeing a Feature Update is a welcome sight, and I'm sure that is shared in the community. Things are about to change! One main thing is the reworking of texture packs in a new format. Dinnerbone has released an unstitcher that fixes your tp's into the new format. A link can be found on the Minecraft Wiki. Dinnerbone has also addressed the issue of possible reworking of the PvP System. PvP has not been updated since the Adventure Update, so this is a welcome idea. For more updates, visit Mojang's Site. More from me coming soon!

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