Hey guys, recently, i've been doing some speed art in my freetime. I thought I'd do some, and show them to you guys. I used Gimp for the most part of it. This first one might not make much sence, unless you've played Tekkit, or used the Technic Launcher. It's the classic flight suit, from the earlier versions of the Modular Powersuits Mod. I recommend Googling Le mod, it's a rather good mod, and great to play around with. But anyway, if you want to know what this drawing is based off of, then check out the Technic Launcher. But here is the drawing, and it's not my best but...


Le Flight Suit

I rather like it. Basically, the large ball of energy, is a weapon that can be used, called The Tool, which is a gauntlet that can be used to, in a sence, kick ass. The flight suit was later changed to the Modular Suit, but it lives on in some respects. Anyway, if you haven't played Tekkit, I recommend doing so, it's a great modpack. Just Google 'Technic Launcher'. So that's the first one in a series of speedarts. Hope you like it, and peace out!

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