Hey guys, just thought I'd give a quick update on whats been going on. I've been teaching my self how to do HTML, using Code Academy. I'm starting to learn a bit, which I guess means I'm doing something right. This is basically what I've learned thus far: 

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>-= Lists Of Things During Freetime =-</title>



[List Of Freetime Activities]:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Watching Anime
  3. Jaffa Cakes
  5. Find SCP-173



I think I'm kinda progressing, and I hope to get really good at it. Maybe I'll use it to make a website for myself. But anyway, I've also been doing updates on the Loregati, and herping around in Survival. Nothing much is going on, but the HTML thing is a big milestone for me. I'll most likely learn CSS next. I hope y'all have a good night, and peace out!

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