It has been announced by the higher powers that I will no longer be able to access an electronic device in my place of rest. TL, DR Version? Im F*cked. This means no Minecraft or anything of the sort. Unlike Dakota, I'm still in HIgh School, and I just got back an Interim saying I got a C in Biology, and in Math. So yeah, you can see I live with someone not using a whole lot of logic. :3 They aren't really my strong suits, mine are Art and Computer Science. (If you're wondering, I do actually make an effort is school, just not the brightest lightbulb in the Ace Hardware.) Never really been good at math, and the science teacher hates me. :3 That's because I came up with something cool for a Science Project. To give you an idea of what it is, watch this video by Anyway, I'll find a way to undermine this new regime. I still have Programming Class to piss around in. Im working on an art project that involves Dakota, Toxic, and me. But anyway, I hope I will be able to check back, and upload new creations to the Wiki, and this is my reaction to the new regime:                                                                                                       


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