Hello everyone! Now that 1.4.2 is out. I've decided to make a custom adventure map. Be sure to post your thoughts in the comment section below!


I havent fully decided on the map's theme yet, so for now I'll just show you some of the features that will be in the map. (There are some I wont mention to keep some aspects a secret!)

Full Text Narration

Through the use of command blocks the map will feature full narration and dialogue. This will allow for things like quests and interactions with NPCs.

Keep your items if you die!

There will be certain points in the game where if you die you will still keep your items.

Easy spawnpoint system

You will no longer have to wait until night to save your location. Your progress will be saved automatically with the use of command blocks.

Custom Item Names


This will add a whole new aspect to the map.


Wait! How Did I get this?!

Custom Skulls

Instead of just mob skulls I can have a skull repersenting any player with a Minecraft account!

2012-11-12 18.35.04

Uh-oh, who killed Notch!?

2012-11-12 18.35.29

Both mine and Notch's skulls!!


To make this map fun for everyone it would be very helpfull if you could fill out this simple survey.

Take the Survey!

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