aka Frank Castello

  • I live in the Mars Bars
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is MineCrafter
  • I am Iron Man
  • ICan'tStop

    My Created World

    January 28, 2014 by ICan'tStop

    Some time was spent, for me creating my current world, but somehow I tried mediafire, since I cannot upload my created .zip file, so if you would like to check my  preidea. here is the link:

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  • ICan'tStop

    Last Night, while browsing in Minecraft forums and watching a coupe of videos in Youtube, I saw some subjects concerning about Mods and the most helpful mods in Minecraft. For me these are the most progressive and helpful mods for a simple Minecraft user:

    1. OptiFine = this mod increases the FPS and gives you a lot of new options to change your graphics
    2. Millenaire = if you are bored about Snouty NPC villagers, this is the best mods for players who admire and are fanatics of villagers, it adds some Byzantine, I think there was an Indian, especially Japanese has the best house(for me), and best part these Villagers, SLEEP ON BEDS, if you will provide them one.
    3. FPS plus = this mods increases the FPS, for something like +20 FPS.
    4. WorldEdit = this is t…

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  • ICan'tStop

                So one of these days and nights also, and I was really checking out my new survival map, for me it is the best seed so far. Well, who would imagine after traveling my spawn point in a radius of 1000 blocks I found SEVEN Abandoned Mineshafts, too bad there are only 3 diamonds in total. How about this when I created a Nether portal using 11 buckets (you really should know how that works, duh?), on top of you is a ready-to-be explored Nether Fortress, like for real, it is like Stark Industries starting from New York to Beijing, FINALLY, as we all know Abandoned Mineshafts and Fortresses are not the rarest of them NGS, but it is the Stronghold, luckily under my house, is one. Anyways, that is not what I will be talking, but if you…

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