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Continue Reading if you do not know what some mods will help you in building and making an ease in your gameplay.

Last Night, while browsing in Minecraft forums and watching a coupe of videos in Youtube, I saw some subjects concerning about Mods and the most helpful mods in Minecraft. For me these are the most progressive and helpful mods for a simple Minecraft user:

  1. OptiFine = this mod increases the FPS and gives you a lot of new options to change your graphics
  2. Millenaire = if you are bored about Snouty NPC villagers, this is the best mods for players who admire and are fanatics of villagers, it adds some Byzantine, I think there was an Indian, especially Japanese has the best house(for me), and best part these Villagers, SLEEP ON BEDS, if you will provide them one.
  3. FPS plus = this mods increases the FPS, for something like +20 FPS.
  4. WorldEdit = this is the mod for you if you are playing in a superflat world, and you want to create artificial biomes and trees, or change the whole flooring or everything, just check all the links that follows:

Guide on how to Install Mods



FPS plus


Other Minecraft Mods:

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