Well I'm writing this for really two reason, to get others to share their ideas and try to cause an activity spike on the wiki. It's nothing bad really, nothing at all. I have already gotten the first and second floors already planned out, I just need to add the third floor and the attic then start the basement then I'm good to go for the detail and decor, which is something I need help on. If any of you have ideas for furniture and other things please let me know as I would love to learn more about crafting and building on this wonderful game. In return I will accept challenges, build requests and other things too. Please look deep within yourself and find your utmost kindest behavior you can, think of something you can share with me and do just that. It may sound selfish at first when you read this but this entire project isn't for myself, it's for a group of my friends whom I want to make it for, each of them will have their own room and only two of them will have he same room, excluding myself and my BF (Best Friend).

Thank you for reading and hopefully some very wonderful and kind users share their expertise with me. I would be grateful for it and I would even pay them back however I can too. LRT 16:50, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

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